Dimark’s cloud-borne ACS service is an easy, affordable and secure way for broadband service providers to deploy TR-069 devices without the cost or complexity of hosting an ACS. Just sign up to immediately take advantage of the cost and efficiency benefits TR-069 offers.

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With a browser, go to and register.

When you first log into the ACS, you'll be presented with the following window, which is the starting page until your subscription is activated with a valid payment method and device quota greater than zero.


Click Payment Method to enter a credit card number and expiration date, and please make sure the billing details on the Profile page match those for the card on file.

When you click Save, the information is forwarded to the credit card payment processing company used by Dimark, and owned by PayPal. Your credit card data is never transmitted to Dimark or accessible by any Dimark systems.

Finally, set a Device Quota, which is the number of devices you'll be managing to start.You can add more at any time.


Dimark has a soft limit for this shared ACS of 5000 devices per account. If you need more, please contact us and we'll set up a dedicated ACS for you at at no additional cost.

You'll probably want to visit the Help section to download the user guide, as well as the API documentation if you plan to integrate the ACS functions into your backend systems.